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Find WHNT2 in the
Huntsville/Decatur area:

WHNT 19.2

Comcast Ch. 1008
WOW! Ch. 908 (HD)
             Ch. 199 (standard)

Watch live, local news on WHNT2. WHNT
News 19 at 9:00 p.m. airs weeknights
and Sundays.

Watch classic programs on WHNT2 and
new ones too! WHNT2’s programming schedule
is packed with popular movies and TV shows
to bring back good memories. It’s programming
your whole family can enjoy together – shows like
Mister Ed, Green Acres and Dennis the Menace.

WHNT2 also features new shows like Access
Hollywood, Inside Edition, Cold Case Files,
The Dr. Oz Show, This Old House, Today’s
Homeowner and On The Money.